Door Access

Control Systems

Door Access Control Systems are the most effective method of securing your premises and preventing unwanted access. They easily enable you to protect the safety of your employees, as well as the security of your building.

A door access control system will allow for treated doors to lock automatically, to protect restricted areas within your premises.

All doors controlled by the system will be closed and locked, access can only be gained by individuals with a secure PIN or access token, those without, will need to use the control pad to request access.

 To allow additional flexibility, your solution can be tailored around designated working hours, or peak periods, allowing for free access to your building during specific time frames.

Access control systems allow you to monitor and control who enters your building, and the access they have around the premises.

Advanced Fire Security , meeting the SSAIB  industry’s highest technical standards for  Access Control. As expert technology installers, we ensure all electrics work seamlessly. Our solutions are scalable and fully bespoke to ensure your business is protected and all your security needs, big and small, are met.

Our Access Control System Installation services range from simple RF Tagging Door Entry Systems, to more advanced security solutions that use biometric entry, such as fingerprint and facial recognition.